Benefits Of Timber Windows?

Why choose timber windows?

Choosing the right windows for your home is important. You want to be sure you’re getting high-quality products that will complement your home and last a long time.

When you consider the initial outlay for wooden frames versus uPVC, the latter may seem more affordable. However, there are many reasons why timber windows are superior to uPVC.

Sheer good looks

New windows can transform the look of a property. The timber frames provide a classic aesthetic that uPVC cannot compete with.

Whole life costs

uPVC windows will need to be replaced every 15 – 25 years, after which they are unrepairable and end up in the landfill. Timber windows can last 50-70+ years, allowing them to be repaired and repainted for decades.

Adds value to your home

Installing high-performance timber windows like ours will increase the value of your home. New windows will make your house more desirable, which means it could be worth more in the future.

Energy efficiency

Timber windows are available in a range of different configurations and glazing options. Combined with the naturally insulating properties of timber, they can help you reduce your energy bills.

Environmentally sound

In today’s world, where environmental concerns are prevalent, choosing a reliable and sustainable product like wood makes good sense. Not only is timber a renewable resource, but a single tree will absorb up to one tonne of carbon dioxide in its life and generate enough oxygen to support two people.

Timber windows are flexible, classic and kinder to the environment. They can cost more than uPVC at the outset, but they come with a 50 year guarantee and can increase your home’s value—making them worth the investment over time.

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